Wedding films market, as well as all areas involving the big day, has changed over the last years - it has been upgraded. In what was a mere recording some time ago, it has been added a narrative and soundtracks, turning it into a real story. We believe the wedding video must be watched from beginning to the end, as it were an actual fim. 

That's why, we from ShowMotion have been focused on making shorter videos, which will be pleasant to be watched from beginning to the end, but especially meaningful for the bride and groom! We'll make laugh and cry as if you were part of the plot. That's what we are good at! We'll make your big day become the most beautiful of movies.
We keep the same team, because we believe the secret of success is having good communication and trust among people working together. Those people you have meetings before wedding, are the same who'll be at the ceremony, recording the event. We really value our relationship with our clients!

All our packages may be customized to suit your needs! We try to reach either western or eastern cultures, respecting their tradictions. All packages are created and quoted on a custom basis and include a variety of editing. The most popular include a video (3-5min) which we named Highlights plus the Feature Film (15-20min). 
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Please contact us as soon as possible for a custom quote and availability. 

Packages start at $3,800.00.

Check out our schedule for 2019:

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